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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Characteristics of Recreation

  • Recreation occurs during leisure
  • Recreation is as different as people are different; it is extremely wide and varied
  • Recreation is activity; it is some sort of action as distinguished from rest
  • Recreation must be voluntary; it cannot be ordered, imposed, or forced
  • Recreation has no single form; it offers a variety of choices with endless possibilities
  • Recreation is flexible; it can be organized or unorganized; it can be enjoyed in a group or alone
  • Recreation to one individual may be work to another
  • Recreation involves an individual's attitude, motive, and incentive
  • Recreation may occur or not occur; a specific activity may be recreation for an individual at one time, but not at another time
  • Recreation is necessary in order for an individual to have balanced growth
  • Recreation and work are not the same thing; although an individual may be very happy in his job, it is not possible for that individual's work to be his recreation


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