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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Enjoy Your Leisure to the Fullest

THERE IS NO GOOD REASON for free time to ever be dull or boring. Quite the contrary! Rather than thinking, "I'm bored - I have nothing to do," alter your mind-set. Consider leisure as a gift of time. Think about all the possibilities of what can be done when you are free from necessities, obligations, and responsibilities - even if only for an hour! The decision to change your way of thinking regarding free time can change your life.

I have attempted to practice this principle - even before I was old enough, or wise enough, to realize that it was a good idea! As a kid, during those hours after school, on weekends, or during summer vacations, I almost always had plenty of fun activities to fill-up my free time after homework or assigned chores around the house. At times this meant inventing some game to play by myself. At other times, play was enjoyed in the company of other kids in the neighborhood or with friends.

As an adult I enjoyed my jobs, and my work - even my vocation, and my career! But, I have always looked forward to time away from these necessities. Taking days off, and fully enjoying holidays and vacations was never a problem for me! In fact, doing so made my return to the obligations of life much more palatable. Getting back to the regular required routine was not only more manageable, but could be done in a more refreshed, happy, and productive manner.

Now, in retirement, my hours of leisure are greatly expanded! The freedom of very seldom being on a schedule, and to be able to do most anything I choose - at any time - is truly wonderful. And, once again, there is no good reason for free time to ever be dull or boring - even in retirement. There are a numerous possibilities of things to do in those free-time hours which can bring great joy - and a rejuvenated spirit.

At whatever age you find yourself, enjoy your leisure to the fullest!
In the photo above, the author, and Blog creator, is enjoying his leisure.


  • At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Stan said…

    I have never had trouble leaving the world behind as I toss aside the cell phone and laptop to go cruise or travel with Kima. Practice what you preach is what they say. On this one I find it easy even as I watch others chase the internet from every part of the world. Thanks for your leisurely approach to life and teaching Dr. J . . .


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